Renovating an old house: plumbing problems to look out for

common plumbing problems in old homes

Common plumbing problems in old homes

Old houses are becoming increasingly appealing: the idea of renovating an old home for a combination of the traditional and the modern are attracting buyers and developers.

One of the biggest challenges surrounding the renovation of an old home is the plumbing.

Renovating an old home may reveal pipework or plumbing problems you never even knew existed.

We know how complicated it can be to renovate a home, let alone consider the plumbing and infrastructure! So, we have made a list of the most common plumbing problems in old homes, to help you get your ideal renovation underway:

1. Polybutylene (PB) pipes

This material, which became popular in the 70s was commonly called the pipe of the future because it was both cheap to make and install into homes.

However, these pipes were very prone to bursting. The material in the pipes would react to the chemicals in the water supply and weaken the pipe’s structure.

Some homes still contain these pipes, so it is important to ascertain whether or not your old home has PB pipes. If not, replace them with more efficient pipes like copper.

2. Old-fashioned metal pipes

Some pipes in old houses are made of lead, which can be dangerous when it reaches the water supply. This material has been banned from use, however, some older buildings may contain this.

Again, copper or plastic pipes will be beneficial to your home.

Want to know more about why you should upgrade your pipes? Click here.

3. Outdated plumbing systems

You may have copper pipes already in your old home, however, check your plumbing systems. Pipes may be corroding and therefore will need to be replaced; in the same way, your water heater may be outdated.

Look at the lifespan of your plumbing systems and consider replacements.

4. Dodgy water heaters

Ensure that your water heater is not faulty and up-to-date. Some water heaters tend to be installed incorrectly in older homes.

Installation issues include:

  • No TRP valve drain pipe
  • No catch pan
  • Exposed electrical cables

In order to ensure that a new water heater is installed properly, or to have your heater checked, seek the advice of professional and experienced plumbers. Read more here.

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Extensions and Home improvements - Top Tips

Extensions and Home improvements - Top TipsExtensions and Home improvements 

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In one cost-effective and seamlessly efficient package, an extension can transform any part of your home into the bright, airy living space you’ve always wanted.

Kitchen extensions and loft conversion, an extra bathroom, single-storey extension or terraced house extension.

Wherever you want more space, we can create it from start to finish. And that includes all the surveys, planning legislation paperwork and red tape.

Why Renovate your home?

Choosing a good renovation service, whether that’s for a single room or your whole home, is important. We recommend looking at a contractor’s gallery of work and testimonials to get an idea of how good they are.

Things to consider when choosing a renovation service:

  • You save time and money. The entire project happens under one roof. No waiting around, no mark-up costs on outsourcing.
  • You have just one helpful and knowledgeable point of contact throughout the entire process.
  • We’ll treat your home as if it were our own. Our team of skilled craftsmen have been hand-picked for their professionalism.
  • No unexpected costs or nasty surprises. You’ll get an accurate project cost upfront.

Federation of Master Builders – Choosing a Builder

Extensions and Home improvements - Top Tips

Better Building by Design 

Home extensions… More space, less hassle.
Let’s be honest, building work is disruptive. You lead a busy life and need to be certain that your new extension will be completed on time, within budget and to an excellent standard.

With a reputable contractor, professional reliability is part of the service. Generally, they will provide a team of experts and will meticulously plan the project around you, from your initial idea through to the all-important finishing touches.

Most providers will be all-inclusive of plumbing and electrical services, however, if they are not they should give you a number of recommendations.

The biggest downfall to getting home renovations is when electrical work is not done to a high standard.

If your builders of contractors do not include electrical updates and installation as part of their work you should make sure you find a trusted electrician who can complete this aspect for you.

Bespoke design for your individual space requirements – imaginative, practical and workable.
3D visualisations so you can see your new living space in realistic detail.

Cost-efficient project management to ensure everything runs smoothly and exactly to budget.
Professional, conscientious builders who turn up precisely on time, every time.