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We Do Repairs are here for all of your home repair needs. Are you having problems with your electrical wiring? Or maybe your gas central heating system has broken down? No matter what the problem, we could have the number you need to get it fixed.

From electricians to techies, we know the best repairmen and the best deals.

Does your roof need fixing? Are you looking for a trustworthy and dependable roofer in the Essex area?

We recommend Saffron Walden Roofing Services for all roof jobs big and small. They also provide building and scaffolding services.

For Window & Double Glazing Repairs in Surrey visit Sheerwater Glass for your free quote.

Get in touch now for a reliable quotation whatever your problem.

Do it yourself or hire a professional

Having tried tackling jobs themselves, many have found that if you follow the ‘rules’, it is not that difficult after all, In fact, there can be a very considerable sense of achievement and satisfaction when you say, ‘Well, actually I did it myself ‘

Of course, there will always be areas best left to the professional, and it is not the purpose of this website to lead you into trouble. Where there may be a danger, where the work could be very heavy and demanding, or where you may just not have the time, I will endeavour to warn you and point you ln the right direction for help.

Our experience over many years at is that you will always find many helpful experts - in stores, factories and in the many professional associations.

One in which we recommend for repair services is Sweeney’s Plumbing who are skilled and professional emergency master plumbers in The Hills district and North Shore. Their services include:

  • Drain cleaning – sewer pipe relining solutions
  • Blocked drains – maintenance and repair
  • Facility management for businesses
  • Gas leaks and repairs
  • Plumbing repairs for taps, drains and pipes
  • Commercial plumbing and drain
  • Gas fitting and installation

People are always ready to offer a word of advice or offer literature or contacts, but what they don’t like is being asked to help clean up a mess when you’ve had a go at a job and failed! With every job,-make sure you understand what to do, what you need and where the snags lie before you do anything. In that way, you Will avoid the pitfalls.

Help, Advise and getting it done

Treat home maintenance and repair work as something about which you will never finish learning. Keep a scrap website, and jot in it any hints and tips you pick up; useful cuttings from magazines and newspapers; trade contacts, websites addresses of suppliers of unusual materials, colour cards, quotes for jobs - and so on. You will find such reference invaluable and it will smooth your path.

One essential for success is an adequate kit of tools, for having the right tool for the job can transform a situation. Many jobs which seem complicated become simple When the right tool is applied, and money spent on good quality equipment is never wasted

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