This service does what its name suggests – you can book with a waste removal company to take the rubbish you have that is too ‘bulky’ to be collected with your everyday waste.

Request a Bulky Refuse Collection

You can now request a bulky refuse collection online. You can do this with your council, but we suggest finding a reliable company as this can be more cost-effective. Rubbish Clearance Kent will arrive with the suitable equipment needed to take your left over bulky items. Find out more.

Please note that all items for collection need to be specified at the time of booking or they won’t be collected.

An item is classed as a single piece that is less than 1.8m/6ft in length and that 2 people can safely lift. So a three-piece suite would be 3 items - the sofa and 2 armchairs. Any bulky garden rubbish must be bundled and securely tied to enable two people to carry it in a safe manner. See more information.

Each bundle is counted as one item. Loose piles of garden waste will not be collected. Any small items, such as tiles, need to be packaged into sturdy containers that 2 people can safely lift. If a collection contains any garden rubbish it will be collected on the premier service.

Fridges, freezers, televisions and monitors can be collected using the bulky collection service, however these will be collected by a separate vehicle as these items can’t be crushed. Click here for our services.

Due to the size of the lorry that collects the bulky rubbish and to stop dangerous rubbish being buried in landfill sites, there are some types of rubbish that this service cannot collect:

  • Car parts & large items of machinery.
  • Replacement window units

However, these items may still be taken to your nearest household waste recycling site. Get in contact for more information.