Our commercial property services

Wedonetwork.co.uk is a leading site that matches consumers wanting repairs of their domestic products like laptops, heaters, washing machines etc with trades who can supply services at COST.

What can we do for you? Well, anything you care to mention; from simple maintenance and decorating through to guttering work and fascias, right up to extensions, conservatories and even new construction - and can also offer architectural services.

References from previous clients are readily available on request - just click on the ‘Contact us‘ link to find us.

We offer a wealth of experience in all domestic + commercial services.

After we have finished a new property project, we will hire a cleaning agency to ensure that the house is clean and hygienic, ready for viewings and potential sales. All windows, carpets and washrooms will be cleaned to a high standard.

Without doing this, it would make it extremely difficult for these new properties to sell.