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Archive for April 24th, 2011

As i write this it is now nearly 11pm, to think that I was up at 6am this morning getting ready to hop on a train to Clapham Junction and then to change for Chessington South. This day was a complete secret to our nephew home we made an elaborate story that we’d be going out on a day trip to a place that simply never existed. We had a great time and without doubt wish that I could rinse and repeat the whole process again when I wake up in the morning. There is something magical about theme parks - even if corporate branding is starting to take over the place a little. Sponsored rides do get my back up a little - I don’t see the point in them, surely enough revenue is made from visitor entrance fee’s to begin with? None the less it didn’t spoil the day to be fair.

We started off gently by hitting the rattlesnake ride which if you are sitting on your own is pretty good. It actually has a couple of stomach churning drops and at the top of the ride it has some hairpin bends which if sitting with someone can be quite a rough ride as a video which will be on this blog at a later date will show. After hitting the rattle snake we decided to go on Dragon Falls which is essentially a themed log flume, this ride has been at the park for some time, probably one of the first original attraction rides at the theme park. It’s still pretty decent even if by today’s standards it is rather tame. After Dragon Falls we hit the monkey swinger which I chickened out of because the ride is basically attached to some thin chains, it looked rather cumbersome so I decided to give it a miss. Steve did Ramesis Revenge which I also chickened out of too - that’s something I do need to get over, some primal fear but on the flipside I did nail the Vampire ride and that ride is totally awesome. Sorry if this blog is rather basic and devoid of much insight btw, I am just ridiculously tired and want to go to bed, but I know if i go to bed none of this will be fresh in memory in the morning.

Plenty of videos will be up here documenting the day, so keep a check back here. I really am too tired to write right now - apologies. I just want to put on my cute pyjamas and dream about extreme negative g-force.