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Let the Madness Begin

April 16, 2023 featured, Life

I have been thinking long and hard about about relaunching this blog and I feel now is a good time to do it. As my website strapline states “You Only Live Once” and it was that thought that spurred me on to push forward with opening my everyday thoughts back into an online digest which I am hoping will act as some type of time capsule of internet space and time when I leave this mortal realm. Sounds deep doesn’t it? Well, as much as there will be humour and insightful posts, it should also be clear at this point that it’ll also be a place for me to pencil my thoughts on anything and everything.

So what can you expect to find here then I hear you ask. Well, I’ll have a photo gallery of exceptional pictures that have been taken through the years, precious memories and a back story into my life. You’ll also see Steve occasionally write here but most likely you’ll see him on video if anything. I’ve tried on many occassions to catalogue my thoughts and actually keep a regular occurance of them but in the past that has failed. You’ll also likely to find lists here too. Lists of my favourite games, films, music and then to bounce against that they’ll be some rather esoteric ramblings. Anyway enougjh of the piffle - what you probably won’t here me talk about here is Celebrities. I think it maybe a good idea to clear that off the bat, this website is for myself as a digest - it’s not to self promote and it’s not a reflection of my ego. Now that we’ve cleared that up I would like to welcome all of you whom have stumbled upon this website. Now that the formal intoduction is finished, I must get on and put these million of thoughts into either text or video. Chow and remember - YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!

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