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A weight update for you guys - I currently reside at 15st 8lbs which is the least amount I have weighed in over 10 years of my life. Fantastic news. To know you are in the zone is particular cases, such as last night. Steve has had a rubbish week and there are things going on at the moment out of his control that are dragging him down. He decided to get a chinese last night - but I flat out refused to partake in that. Instead I put some mixed vegetables in a wok, added some pepper and wasabi and cooked off a chicken breast. It was very nice and in terms of calories, pretty damn low! So I decided to treat myself to a cappuccino this morning.

These situations of saying no feel ultimately satisfying, I have a stead fast goal for September to be 14st 7lbs and I will reach that milestone. Whilst I am being disciplined I am not losing out - if I feel like I deserve a treat, instead of getting a takeaway I will have a nice coffee whether it liqour or with a squirt of syrup. It feels like a treat - many I know would have something like that everyday.

From the rapid weight loss of last week - it has now measured itself out to a smaller figure. Never be disheartened by this though - any loss is a good loss unless of course you are going to be on national TV then something like 3lb a week would be required so you don’t look like an idiot when it comes to the weigh in.

Anyway I am about to smash a chavs phone because he is blaring out music on his phone - see you later!

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