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15 I see, 15 relief

June 14, 2023 Gaming

So after a stressful day at work yesterday where I was lumbered with a project and basically thrown to the wolves - I came home, had tea and went out for a walk for the sake of exercise for the first time in what feels like ages. Seeing the 16 on the scales was really not great for me, but the three week indulgence I had doesn’t surprise me just how easy a pile of weight went back on.

Fortunately when I stepped on the scales this morning I am back down to 15st 12. Seeing the number 15 again holds me in good stead. I do not want to see 15 for long though - I want to see 14 on those scales, that would really be an impressive feat for me. With the resilience and determination I know that this time I can pull it off.

We looked at what activities we could do on our cruise last night and we’ve decided upon White water rafting and canoe based activities to name just a few. Anyway - must dash!

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