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Now for the big push

June 13, 2023 Weight Loss

The big push is now on. I have once again moonlighted with eating whatever the hell I wanted to and within three weeks I am back in the 16st region at 16st 1lbs. That for me is a signalling that it’s time to start losing it again. Hopefully Steve feels the same - in that I want to push myself now for the cruise in September.

So, starting from today I will once again be disciplined and resolute in making those goals happen. It is not hard to do - I just need to be focused and have a clear goal objective in my mind. My target is 14st 7lbs by September - which is easily achievable if I set my mind to it. I also need to start going down the gym again really. I need to stop making excuses and do it - even if it’s just resistance training.

Anyway, thought I would make a statement of intent here about it. Looking forward to Thursday. Another trip to Chessington looms, this time it is for my Nephews birthday.

Chow! xD

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