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Feeling like shit because of hayfever? Check. Felt to start with that this day off work was wasted because our plans were spoilt by an overreaction decision on the weather? Check. What with the debacle over Chessington and it being my nephews birthday today, cut the long story short - I was meant to be in Chessington today and booked today off of work for it, only for it to be cancelled over a little bit of rain. My family decided to go to Chessington yesterday for my nephews birthday and I’ll be honest, it almost seems as though the fact that WE took the day of work to go to it just seemed to go over the heads of some of my family members. Needlessly to say for the last 48hrs I haven’t been too happy about this, but on reflection I am glad I’m not at work today. Today hasn’t been bad at all. Sure, I’d love to have gone to a theme park today, but it’s not like we’ve wasted the day today doing nothing. My hayfever has been playing up chronically, so bad I thought I picked up Alan Sam’s cold at first.

I spent an hour in bed just relaxing to try and subside the symptoms but what happened was pretty cool. For the first time in what feels like forever my mind was at complete ease and calm as my mind unlocked all sorts of memories from the years and it got me thinking, I have this domain - I really should use this place more often to document my life. Just for my own records to refer back to over the years. When my mind wandered it reminded me of when I lived in Crookhorn and the people that lived there, the person who bullied me and how it shaped my life. I wondered what these people were doing now, I’d imagine most of them were probably nice people - you learn allot of lessons in life by the time you reach 25 years of age. Thinking back I was a real bastard when I was growing up, which was probably a culmination of myself recoursing from having spent the first 11-12 years of my life getting bullied turned me into a little bit of a rebel. Anyway, enough of that - past being past and all. If it wasn’t for these events that happened in my past i’d never be the person I am today and generally I think i’m shaped into a decent person with good morals and a very open minded view point on life. I’ve certainly awoken to the fact that my political ideologies after 9/11 were pressed upon me by mainstream media - I feel really cheated by my government and they way they made me feel made me a few enemies also.

Jumping forward to today, you can probably guess that I went and saw The Hangover Part II today. It’s a good film, it takes around 30 odd minutes to get going though. Gilifinakis really makes the film, the frolics in Bangkok are pretty darn funny and whilst the set-pieces are similar to that of the original Hangover, I feel it improves upon the original and is worthwhile seeing if you did watch the previous installation. Once me and Steve finished watching The Hangover we decided to eat in Giraffe for the second time in 7 days. We went there for breakfast on Sunday and it was one of the best breakfast’s we’ve had - that was of course before i started to stricken myself on what I was eating again. Today we had the soup of the day which was a Red Pepper and Chick Pea Soup, followed by a Deli Burger - both were pretty nice and served with a good side salad. Unfortunately the price went to around £30.00 despite this was meant to be a lunch time saver menu, bolting on the starter, alcoholic drink and a diet coke raised the bill higher than anticipated. Needless to say our £50.00 budget today was exhausted before we knew it and ended up back at the flat by around 16:00hrs. Steve is currently playing L.A Noire whilst I’ve been writing this and making some graphics on photoshop.

Reflecting back to what I was saying earlier, I’ll really make a concerted effort to post here every single day - put my favourite photos and try and reflect upon past memories and write about them, whether they be holidays - favorite events, maybe times that have shaped my life. Don’t expect too much of Steve around here, he doesn’t really like to write much, so if he is here, it’ll be in video capacity.

Mood: Relaxed
Highlight: The Hangover Part 2
Lowlight: Hayfever

As i write this it is now nearly 11pm, to think that I was up at 6am this morning getting ready to hop on a train to Clapham Junction and then to change for Chessington South. This day was a complete secret to our nephew home we made an elaborate story that we’d be going out on a day trip to a place that simply never existed. We had a great time and without doubt wish that I could rinse and repeat the whole process again when I wake up in the morning. There is something magical about theme parks - even if corporate branding is starting to take over the place a little. Sponsored rides do get my back up a little - I don’t see the point in them, surely enough revenue is made from visitor entrance fee’s to begin with? None the less it didn’t spoil the day to be fair.

We started off gently by hitting the rattlesnake ride which if you are sitting on your own is pretty good. It actually has a couple of stomach churning drops and at the top of the ride it has some hairpin bends which if sitting with someone can be quite a rough ride as a video which will be on this blog at a later date will show. After hitting the rattle snake we decided to go on Dragon Falls which is essentially a themed log flume, this ride has been at the park for some time, probably one of the first original attraction rides at the theme park. It’s still pretty decent even if by today’s standards it is rather tame. After Dragon Falls we hit the monkey swinger which I chickened out of because the ride is basically attached to some thin chains, it looked rather cumbersome so I decided to give it a miss. Steve did Ramesis Revenge which I also chickened out of too - that’s something I do need to get over, some primal fear but on the flipside I did nail the Vampire ride and that ride is totally awesome. Sorry if this blog is rather basic and devoid of much insight btw, I am just ridiculously tired and want to go to bed, but I know if i go to bed none of this will be fresh in memory in the morning.

Plenty of videos will be up here documenting the day, so keep a check back here. I really am too tired to write right now - apologies. I just want to put on my cute pyjamas and dream about extreme negative g-force.

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April 23, 2023 Life Comments