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I love winning things on cranes. It’s added win when it is Hello KItty stuff! Anyway that is not what I wanted to talk to you about today. YouTube partnership is what I want to talk about. Someone randomly called us up on Keen at the weekend and just for speaking to someone when they were bored we earned $100 in three hours. Is that cool or what? Amazing stuff. Not in 12 months of having a YouTube partnership have we made that much - not even close.

The only viable way to make money on YouTube is to get front page exposure, which for most people is nigh on impossible, in fact I am at a loss as to how other partners gt front page or video page status. Since YouTube changed the subscriptions area to a more Facebook style activity list - our video views have pretty much died. Most videos now will often garner less than 100 views - and that is shiet.

Partnership pays crap money and you can only monetize very few videos anyway - especially if you are a Gamer. So if my nephew reads this, partnership is overrated and not worth the work put in to get it. Unless you have 40hrs a week to spend making videos and then Market people to watch them - I will probably earn my first $50 by 2013 something I earned double on within 3 hours on keen. Enough said.

I was hoping to show my husband the Butterfly greenhouse at Portsmouth History Museum on our walk today - unfortunately it was still under construction. It really is the single most thing making the free experience worthwhile, if you are an adult at least because it’s very fast to walk around otherwise and stupidly boring. It’s good for kids though, this brought back memories of when I went there on a school trip for a Geography project. I captured a little video inside, once again nothing special.

So we decided to go on a long walk today and not only did we see the Gunwharf Quays cannon, we also found that there was a vintage car show taking place. So we decided to take a look. Nothing special to be honest but we shot this video below. Check it out if you like cars!