Mother Kills Baby Over Farmville Interruption


Games don’t get great publicity at the best of times. No one likes to report on Special Effect a UK based games company that are enriching the lives of disabled with their innovative video game controllers, instead the mainstream media likes to focus on the negative.
Unfortunately it appears that the video game in question is not directly responsible for the muder of 3-month old baby but instead the instability of its mother and her addiction to Zyanga’s Farmville. On the day that Zyanga was confirmed as having more net worth than EA this negative story once again puts a shabby light on gaming. No doubt Jack Thompson will be asking for Farmville to be shut down. I’d support Jack on this occasion as Farmville is a complete and utter waste of anyone’s time. But then that is my personal opinion.
The woman in question is Alexandra V Tobias and you’ve guessed it, lives in the good old USA, home of the most bizarre murders and insanity pleas. Alexandra shook her baby to death after her baby began crying during a session of the Farmville game. The piece of American trailer trash is now expected to serve 25-60 years in prison. Pity she wasn’t located in Texas as this heinous crime surely deserves her life in return?
It’s a sad news story to say the least. To hear a life taken over the preference of playing a video game is totally incomprehensible. I’m lost for any further words.
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