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Ivy The Kiwi? Preview


If Yuji Naka doesn’t spring to mind then perhaps your video game knowledge isn’t as geekified as myself but for me that means big things in the world of video games. Yuji Naka is behind this new iP and that man is nothing short of a legend, being co-creator of Sonic. His latest venture is to be pushed through into the UK by Rising Star Games, a company renound for giving us the japanese flavour into the very Western United Kingdom. Kiwi is a bird, a bird left to it’s own devices. Similar to Kirby’s Canvas Curse you are not in control of the main character, but instead in control of the environment. In this case you need to guide Kiwi to the end of level screen by drawing vines to guide it on its path. Sounds very much like bridge drawing, but it’s not. You need to propell Kiwi and sometimes spring the bird to higher platforms. Constantly keeping momentum and preventing Kiwi from its death is one heck of a challenge.

Throughout the game Kiwi can also collect feathers which can be used for a completion bonus, nothing new but a nice touch none the less. Yuji has attempted to give the audience a new experience and the controls do feel slightly alien when you start to play them. Even the Rising Star employee muttered ‘I think i’m finally nailing this down’ to a colleague. If you play this game, expect to get very frustrated to start off with, getting used to laying the vines and using them as movable platforms takes a little for your brain to process. Keep playing the game and you’ll soon have Kiwi doing some amazing things, but expect to throw down a few hours before you become a dead natural. The game is very simple in style, beautiful but simple. The art style is very much akin to a water coloured theme and I believe that throughout the game it uses the same art styles to tell the story which was based on a childrens book.

Our time with Ivy The Kiwi was short but we came away from the game wanting to purchase it, which is a good thing. As much as I’d like to divulge into the game more, we simply can’t. Our hands on time with the game at MCM Expo was pretty short, but don’t let that discourage you it’s a solid title that gives Wii players an enjoyable experience whilst the developers of Super Meat Boy compress their game down for Wii Ware. It’s equally frustrating and rewarding to play, that is for sure.

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