The Undergarden Preview

Undergarden Splash

The Undergarden is coming soon for PC, 360 and PSN and the kind folks at Vitamin G Studios have allowed us to get a preview of this upcoming title due for release in November. From the outset the game has some beautiful dynamic lighting and a graphical style that beholds the player in the unique world the game resides in.

Set in a underwater world full of caverns and plants, players assume the role of a currently un-named sea creature to search for members of their band amongst the flora and fauna. To do this you have to use collected pollen to brings plants to life in vibrant fashion. Some plants then produce seeds which you need as either weight or ballast to solve a myriad of puzzles. Throughout your journey, the plants spring open in bright colours and the sounds are hypnotic in nature.

I came away from my time playing The Undergarden feeling almost serene. I’d helped nature grow, picked up some of my friends and heard them effect the music around me, before finally working my way through some simple, yet strangely engaging puzzles. In many ways this game reminds me of Flower on the PSN and makes a welcome change to the cookie cutter games that get released these days using a simple physics engine to allow a wide range of ages to potentially embrace the game.

For those wanting to learn more about the game, be sure to check out their website

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