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Don’t Confess Your Killing To A Priest, Use WoW


They could have gone to a confession box, they could have handed themselves into a police station, they could of pissed it in the snow, but no, two killers of a 18 year old school girl decided to clear their concience on World of Warcraft. The awful news that Kimberley Proctor got killed by these savages has been reverberating across the WoW community over the last week and they will not be pleased to see the games name carried through the dirt once again.

According to the killers, the reason why they made the announcement over WoW was because they feared that they couldn’t talk about their crime over MSN Messenger. A great opportunity for the mainstream media to latch onto the whole, “videogames are evil” mantra. One newspaper did take the bait and that was CTV British Columbia whom wrote;

“They were also fans of World of Warcraft, a sometimes violent online fantasy game with 12 million subscribers around the world,” the report says. “Experts believe it perpetuated the violence against the 18-year-old girl and provided key information to police.”

Once again proving how fundementally fuck-tarded mainstream journalists are, they immediately used the shock headline as an excuse to brand the games industry with more negativity. Was the murder to do with WoW, absolutely not but that didn’t stop the unnamed (convenient) article author from being a complete douchebag about the whole thing.

Both the boys involved in the killing and raping of the 18 year old girl have pleaded guilty to the crime and will undergo pyschological assessment. Well firstly you can cut both of their nutsacks clean off and make sure they are on the end of a raping by a white powered nazi. Fortunately the judge seems intent on the two scumbags getting full life imprisonment, it must beg the question though why they raped the girl as well as murder her? Maybe WoW did play it’s role after all. Virgins

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