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Marks, Set, Flail - Kinect Launches


No sooner can you say the words; “I’d love to take Charlie Dimmock to an abandoned alotment and stick a marrow in her..” Kinect has dawned upon the public, early reports indicate that it is set to shatter the sales of Playstation Move if not already breaking those sales figures within the first 24 hours. So why has an update of an already used technology become everyones number one christmas gift? Well, two reasons. 1) Justin Bieber and 2) Oprah Winfrey. Where Microsoft deserve the credit is that they are not afraid to stick a truckload of money on advertising and boy has it worked. The Oprah Winfrey effect was clearly seen with her fans screaming with joy like they had just won the lottery that they would be getting a free Xbox with Kinect. Then you have Bieber and his thousand oestrogen pumped mineons who will no doubt buy it because Bieber said so. Truth is, Microsoft knows how to market something and market it well. As for Sony, they are as good at marketing as Jeremy Beadle is at a bag carrying contest. Useless.

Remember to check out our second daily blog where James Joell-Ireland talks specifically about why Microsoft’s Kinect will win the war of the casual market in the featured section of the website. Our time with Kinect has been with the finished Kinect Sports code and in-development code for the new Deathly Hallows game. Some games work much better than others, but to suggest it is worth over £100.00 is like saying Gary Glitter should be the CEO of Mothercare. Gary’s not very well by the way, must be nappy rash!

As i write this a Nintendo Wii advert comes on the TV. They are aggresively countering Microsoft’s Launch day with adverts. Sony…are you seeing this?

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