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PES 2011 In Depth Review


Setting a new standard for selected game reviews, we have decided to above and beyond what any other website or publication has achieved in a video game review before. Over two weeks in the making, it has finally finished. Our intensive review of PES 2011, covering every game mode, every nook and cranny of the game itself and discussed in finite detail. Ignore the magazines that only gave it three paragraphs (Games Master) and get the full coverage to ultimately make your mind up on whether PES really is back on form this year.

The above video talks about the gameplay and tactics that can be used throughout the game. The feel of the game gets discussed whilst also exhibiting the real power of the custom tactics that can be implemented in the game.

Above we review the Champions League element of the game. Is it in depth enough to create a real atmosphere or is it just a case of being a menu re-skin?

We also take a look at the new Copa Santander Libertadores cup mode that has been added in this year, a great addition which will please those in South America.

Ever wondered what you can unlock within the game? Watch the video above to find out.

The brand new mode for PES 2011 that really packs a punch is the new Master League Online mode. Watch the above video and find out just how good this new mode is!

Konami has shown that they may not have the licenses, but there is nothing stopping you adding them yourself, in the fantastically in-depth edit mode. See above.

Won a competition? Show off how good you are with having your match highlights displayed to the whole community, how good is that!

New for 2011 is the brand new competition mode, addictive and only run at certain times. Get in there and start winning (See above)

One thing that really lets the game down is the penalties. Get practicing because they are stupidly difficult to pull off and the camera angle is botched, see video above for more details.

Become a legend mode has returned, excited? Us neither, still it is more bang for your buck (see above)

New for 2011 is the stadium editor, you can really go to town with creating your clubs very stadium and you can also download the option files of other peoples creations. See the video above for a review of the stadium editor.

Well, I sum up above the conclusions about PES 2011. It’s a fantastic game that has gone leap and bounds over the last three years for the series. It still has it’s annoyances but you’ll find you will brush over them with the addictive and rewarding game-play and find hours of play in all the game modes mentioned.


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