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Prediction: Kinect will outsell Move 5/1


Not the name of the video per-say but given how woeful that Sony’s marketing has been for Playstation Move, I am going to go out there and say that Kinect will outsell move 5/1. I can really see it happening. Sony or at least SCEE need to seriously think about hiring people that can actually market products well. Why not bring Kevin Butler over here, he’s funny, energetic and Europeans get his sense of humor. Every time Sony do a UK Ad-campaign apart from the alien headed Playstation girl, they have totally sucked

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  • Luminosity


  • Clemens

    Yeah, Kinect is already restocked at Amazon: but I feel you got the prediction right.

    Btw, users think about it differently than the end users…

  • wedotech

    I really didn’t like Kinect Sports Table Tennis. Thought it was very weak to say the least. Didn’t play any of the other games though.

  • Clemens

    But how do you feel about the whole ‘sony commitment’ part? Microsoft is spending money on advertising, on loads of other stuff… but Sony is really quiet around Move. It’s not the advertising, but the commitment behind the advertising that makes Microsoft the winner IMO.

  • Scruffyexaminer

    There’s a video going around out there of Sony’s Dr. Richard Marks talking about how they did consumer research and found the options on fun controller free gaming experiences are just fundamentally limited. We’ll see from the future of kinect whether this is true, but it looks like Sony is playing a Tortoise and Hare game, expecting to gradually increase steam over time while Kinect poops itself out.

  • ezGenesis

    We can tackle this prediction in many ways, let’s start with math.

    I predict the Move to have a 20-25% attach rate, witch means that at least 20% of those who own a PS3 will own a Move setup… That means that of 40 million + out on the market, there will soon be 8-10 million move setups. I personally doesn’t see this as far fetched, when 2,5 million units have been sold world over the first 6 weeks?

    Now if we predict Kinect to outsell Move by 5/1, it would mean 40-50 million setups…
    With 44 million 360´s on the market THIS seems far fetched! Even if Microsoft gets an attach rate of 40%, witch would be a great success, it would ONLY result in 18 million units…

    When it comes to marketing, witch says noting about the products quality, Microsoft has always been on top in budget… But still Sony is closing in on the 1 year lead Microsoft hade this console generation. That, by the way, is saying something about the products quality…

    At least that’s what I think…

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