Radiangames “Fireball” Review


This past week Radiangames released their latest game into the Xbox Live Indie Games Market. For just 80 msp you can now pick up Fireball, the fifth game released by the company over the past year. Luke Schneider is a one man wrecking crew of game development. His past four games have all received some degree of acclaim for their addictive gameplay and extremely polished look.

Radiangames is well known for making twin-shooters like Joy Joy and Inferno. They also made the Space Invaders inspired Crossfire and their more recent attempt at a modernized version of Pac-Man titled Fluid, which I had the privilege of reviewing. Fireball at first may look like it’s going to be a twin-stick shooter, but upon further exploration you will learn you couldn’t have been more wrong. At its heart, Fireball is a survival/horde type of game. Only the unique thing about it is you get no weapons of your own. You play as a ball of moving fire that is escaping from evil icy enemies. The way you eliminate the ice balls from your playing space is by coming within near contact of bombs that are scattered around. Another way you can score big is with explosion chains and Novas which are produced. Novas are basically screen clearers. Get a Nova and watch as every one of your icy foes is shattered into cold bits.

The presentation of not only Fireball, but all of Radiangames titles should serve as an inspiration as to how good all Indie Games should look. This game looks and feels like it easily could be billed as a full Arcade title and charge 800 msp for it. Thankfully for us and our wallets, that isn’t the case. Fireball also presents itself really well. In higher waves things can get kind of crazy, but during this you never feel too overwhelmed because of the precise use of certain shapes and colors. Even your HUD is well laid out and you can easily keep an eye on your score while escaping your ever imminent icy demise.

Fireball has a very techno themed audio track that plays in the background while you play. Apart from the sounds of bombs exploding there aren’t any other things going on in the sound department. The music isn’t all that noticeable in game and kind of goes unnoticed once you are concentrating on your task at hand.

Overall I would have to say Fireball is a big two thumbs up. For only 80 msp you are getting your money’s worth and then some. Radiangames proves once again with a small budget and enough passion and creativity you can still produce a winning product. Fireball should keep you quite busy during droughts of big title releases as you chase your friend’s scores in the online leader boards. Pick Fireball up right now from the Indie Games section of the Xbox Live Games Marketplace under the letter R for Radiangames.

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