Bad Company 2 Vietnam Expansion & VIP Map Pack 7 Dated + Details


Finally the news I personally have been waiting for since it was announced back at this years E3. We finally have a firm release date on the Vietnam Expansion pack for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Drum roll please…December 21st. Dice wasn’t kidding around when they said Winter 2010. The long awaited expansion will drop just as the season changes for xbox 360 and ps3 owners. If you are fortunate enough to be running the game from Steam you will be able to access the content on the 18th, three whole days prior to when I will be sinking my teeth into this multiplayer goodness.

If I was only getting this expansion come the 21st it would have been enough for me. But DICE being in the giving mood that they are going to be releasing VIP Map Pack 7 free of charge for persons with a VIP account that came with the game when you bought it new. Map Pack 7 will feature 4 never before seen maps on Bad Company 2. Two of the maps are fan favorites Harvest Day and Oasis from the original game, while the other two maps are all new to the series, and find their inspiration from two different locations in the games robust single player campaign. And all of this wonderful content will be hitting xbox live tomorrow, Dec. 1st.

When the VIP Map Pack 7 hits Live tomorrow it will not be alone. DICE will be releasing a patch in the games title update that will fix a large array of problems and provide support to some other well needed areas. Here is a complete list of all the patches that will be contained in the massive 2.6 GB update tomorrow.

- Acog and Red dot scope now equippable on MK-14 and G3.

- Fixed a bug on PC where the G3 would do less damage than intended.

- Reduced VADS push back and damage to balance it with the ZU23.

- Fixed a bug where Vehicle Countermeasures would fail to remove tracer darts at high speed.

- Reduced the reload time for Vehicle Countermeasures.

- Slightly increased the AT4′s damage vs armor to emphasize its anti vehicle role while keeping it balanced vs armor.

- Increased the AT4’s top speed and acceleration so users spend less time exposed when firing.

- Increased the AT4′s splash damage so it competes with other AT weapons vs infantry. The AT4 still has the least splash damage of all AT weapons.

- Reduced the splash damage of the Carl Gustav to bring it in line with other explosive weapons. The Carl Gustav still has the most splash damage of all AT weapons.

- Increased the 1 shot kill range of the M95 body shot to counter its lower rate of fire.

- Fixed a bug with the SVU that gave it better close range damage than other semi auto weapons.

- Reduced all weapon damage to the MCOM by 50%.

- Fixed a C4 vs MCOM exploit on Atacama Desert.

- Fixed a bug with FOV when aiming the M1911.

- Lowered the close range damage of the AN94 to highlight its long range role.

- Increased the accuracy of the F2000 on the move to highlight its role as a mobile AR.

- Increased the close range damage of the shotguns to give them a greater advantage vs slugs.

- Slightly lowered the damage of the M60 to balance its accuracy advantage vs other LMGs.

- Slightly lowered the damage of the MG3 at close range to balance it with other high rate of fire weapons.

- Slightly increased the damage of the UH6

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