Sony Surprises PS3 Owners Today


If you ever wanted a little Christmas cheer from Sony, not only are they offering the VAT back on any purchases this year, but they have also released a sufficient update on the PS3 here in the UK. The update isn’t some stupid security fix, or a feature nobody cares about. It’s actually an update that required no firmware update at all.

As we browsed through our XMB we were delighted to find that two new on demand players were added to the PS3. ITV and 4OD were both added along with LoveFilm and the existing BBC iPlayer. This re-affirms Sony’s ‘the game is just the start’ mantra. This excellent update really has served up a surprise. We knew that ITV and 4OD were a matter of time, but it was never heavily publicised of a date it would land. As part of the store update this came as very welcome addition to the Playstation and one of which leaves Microsoft hanging their tail between their legs.

Merry Christmas Sony!

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  • Purple_not_orange

    in the uk, its over PS3 FOR THE WIN. u just cant touch the upscaling dvd and bluray player for quality either… and you dont need batteries, or pay 35 quid a year to play with your mates.

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