WDG Award Winners: Best Racer


Throughout 2010 racing games have consistently delivered a high quality of output. The genre that is more saturated in games than Jenna Jamieson saturated in human love spunk. Unlike Jenna the games industry have had to re-invigorate the genre by introducing social media capabilities and it was Bizarre’s Blur that was the first of it’s kind to deliver social media updates for achievements unlocked and campaign progress. It was an interesting concept, but one of which not fully utilised. That was all to change with AutoLog (Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit), a feature that blew everyone away with it’s built in social network which added race suggestions, and a facebook style wall to post all saved images to your area. 2010 finally saw Gran Turismo come out of the traps to deliver a PS3 exclusive which once again scored highly despite the prolonged development time, but who the nominees?

Nominations for Best Racer of 2010

Gran Turismo 5
F1 2010
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit


nfshoptitle WDG Award Winners: Best Racer

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

A late entrant but an absolute corker. NFS fans got what they were waiting for in NFS: Hot Pursuit. Developed by Criterion Games, Hot Pursuit pushed boundaries with the social media intergration and offered a flawless campaign to boot. Perhaps the biggest draw with this title was it’s online compoonents which ran effortlessly. Interceptor is the very best game mode in a racer to date, as you play cat and mouse either as a racer or a cop in a semi-open world envrionment to either outpace or destroy your opponent. It’s an addictive and quality racing experience that excudes the word ‘FUN’ whilst ascertaining elements even core racing fans would enjoy.

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