WE(DO) Games is a part of the WEDO Network which started in 2009 to provide informative and entertaining review and editorial material regarding videogames, film and music. Due to the expanding range of videogame related content WE(DO) Games broke into it’s own website in winter 2010 to keep up with the constant changing face of the video games industry.

WEDO Network is an independent website network started by the Joell-Ireland’s as an alternative destination for opinions and analysis upon product and decision making moves within the industry. All of our staff are as passionate about the products as the makers and the consumers of said materials and that comes at no exception with our output.

How do we operate?

We operate as a totally independent source that is self funded and without any financial backing. Though we may undertake advertisement contracts with potential advertisers and videogame publishers it is a business agreement that all advertisement contracts are taken on board without pressure or influence of said advertisers and their products. This ensures 100% honesty, impartialism and clarity which means you the consumer can be at ease knowing that none of our editorial has been compromised.

We also offer the same reliable assurance to public relation representatives for said publisher offering non-biased and in-depth coverage of said publishers releases ensuring a trusted relationship between publication and PR representatives. With this responsibility in mind, our editor checks and verifies all scores before being published and will make editorial changes if required.

How does your scoring system work?

As part of the re-launch of wedogames.net we decided to change our scoring system from a 5 star rating to a out of 100 score. This decision was made to give our writers more scope for being more critical and more detailed with the scoring and in-turn giving our readers a more accurate and easier to understand score system which can seperate an average game between a decent effort. Subsequently scores should be read into in the following context.

0-20 - Game is broken
20-40 - Game is poor and bug ridden
40-60 - Game is either average but isn’t as good as games similar in genre that were released before said game.
60-80 - Game is good, provides replay and value for money and/or contains innovative gameplay properties.
80-100 - Games that are considered essential purchases or are pushing the envelope for today’s standards.

We want you to review our product, how do we get in touch?

We are interested in providing coverage for all video game releases and especially like to support independent game producers. If you are looking for coverage of your next video game release please contact us at editor[at]wedonetwork.co.uk for advertising and review coverage opportunities.