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WE(DO) Games Blog #4 - Konami Situation Resolved

James talks to us about the situation leading to the PES 2011 serial key fiasco and has some good news in store. He also talks about the news of forthcoming reviews and asks whether you have had any joy with Microsoft Kinect.


Prediction: Kinect will outsell Move 5/1

Not the name of the video per-say but given how woeful that Sony’s marketing has been for Playstation Move, I am going to go out there and say that Kinect will outsell move 5/1. I can really see it happening. Sony or at least SCEE need to seriously think about hiring people that can actually [...]


Escapist Games Co-Founder Explains XBLIG Abandonment

In an attempt to find out whether the new dashboard update is causing concern for the independent game makers for Xbox Live Indie Games, I decided to contact some of the developers I have been speaking to over the last twelve months. One of the first people I contacted was San Shepherd co-founder of Escapist [...]


Explodemon! Preview

To say to the lead designer that I hadn’t heard of Explodemon! before it was announced at MCM Expo was probably not the wisest choice of words, but its an industry that never sleeps and even though I do consider myself to have an encyclopedic knowledge of most things in the games industry, sometimes things [...]