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MCM Expo October 2010: Cosplay Gallery

We are back with our best pick of the Cosplayers. Do you see yourself in any of the photos? If so, please let us know! We have the full size resolution for these pictures so if any of them do interest you at all then please get in touch and we’ll see if we can [...]


WE(DO) Games Video Blog #1

We talk about the Golden Joystick Awards, MCM Expo and some personal pickups from the editor of the website. Why do people have to keep phoning us during filming?


Kirby’s Epic Yarn Preview

Epic yarn, magic yarn? I do not know why but I have been calling it Kirby’s Magic Yarn. Why? Well because its absolute magic. Forget every innovation you’ve seen in a Mario platformer before. Kirby’s ‘Epic’ Yarn outdoes any innovation ten fold. So much so that it was only reported the other day that Nintendo [...]


Explodemon! Preview

To say to the lead designer that I hadn’t heard of Explodemon! before it was announced at MCM Expo was probably not the wisest choice of words, but its an industry that never sleeps and even though I do consider myself to have an encyclopedic knowledge of most things in the games industry, sometimes things [...]


MCM Expo 2010:London Report

The MCM Expo at London Docklands has really garnered a name for itself and this year was no exception. Now dubbed the Comic Con of the United Kingdom, MCM is now the epitome of everything geeky and magical that the industry has to offer. Once again this year it is a new experience and the [...]