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December DLC For PES 2011 (Free)

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has revealed details of a free data update for PES 2011, which will be available from December 21st. The download will be available for PlayStation®3, Xbox 360 and PC-DVD users, and adds a number of new items to the game. Twelve kits have been updated within the game, including those of [...]


WDG Award Winners: Best Racer

Throughout 2010 racing games have consistently delivered a high quality of output. The genre that is more saturated in games than Jenna Jamieson saturated in human love spunk. Unlike Jenna the games industry have had to re-invigorate the genre by introducing social media capabilities and it was Bizarre’s Blur that was the first of it’s kind [...]

XBLIG Score Rush Review

Xona Games has pulled off another extremely addictive Indie Game for Xbox Live users to enjoy. This time with their newest title Score Rush this game is going to keep you up all night trying to beat your previous high score. What makes this Indie Game so great? Well it’s a four player shoot’em up [...]


Sony Surprises PS3 Owners Today

If you ever wanted a little Christmas cheer from Sony, not only are they offering the VAT back on any purchases this year, but they have also released a sufficient update on the PS3 here in the UK. The update isn’t some stupid security fix, or a feature nobody cares about. It’s actually an update [...]


Pimp My Ride Review

As a part of celebrating our 1000th YouTube subscriber we decided to delve deep into the belly of the bargain bins and review one of the worst games that the Xbox 360 has to offer. Hilarity ensued. Better than - Driving Simulator (2010) PC Worse than - Juiced 20/100