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Video Blog: Kinect & Dashboard Woes

So Kinect launches and already problems are starting to appear, facial recognition to be precise. We also talk about indie developers response to the recent dashboard update and get reaction from San Shepherd of Escapist Games.


Marks, Set, Flail - Kinect Launches

No sooner can you say the words; “I’d love to take Charlie Dimmock to an abandoned alotment and stick a marrow in her..” Kinect has dawned upon the public, early reports indicate that it is set to shatter the sales of Playstation Move if not already breaking those sales figures within the first 24 hours. [...]


Kids! Watch out, Michael is Back!

Like a smooth criminal, even after his death Michael Jackson will be touching kids in ways never thought possible. No, not because of his sordid and rather odd past, but because of Ubisoft. Ironically for the Wii version the exclusive pack in of the game will feature a Rhinestone glove similar to that of what [...]


Golden Joystick Awards Aftermath Video

Award ceremonies all about paying tribute to some of the best developers in the world? Yes and No. The awards themselves took no more than 40 minutes to rattle off. Truth being, everyone wanted to get drunk and throw some shapes and you only needed to see the award dining tables to see how much [...]


Joystick Winners Announced (Lottery Style)

Stephen and James from WEDO Network bring you the Golden Joystick Award announcements in the form of a lottery announcement. Since the host with the most at the awards was the guy from the National Lottery, we thought we’d have a bit of fun with that aspect of it. Click the play button in the [...]