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Pantheon HD Review

Fitting right into the addictive ‘match-3’ puzzler mould, Pantheon is easy to play, fun and unputdownable. I may have created a neologism there but it does accurately express my feelings for this game. The concept of the game will be nothing new; match coloured diamonds into patterns by tapping them to get rid of them. [...]

Beyond Ynth Review

Beyond Ynth is the sequel to the iPhone puzzle game ‘Ynth’, in which you had to take the Ladybird Kribl from one side of the screen to the other by navigating through maze like objects and avoiding falling haphazards. Beyond Ynth is very much the same, albeit it with a much sleeker presentation. Kribl can [...]

Deal Or No Deal Vegas Gold Review

‘My Dog Choked On A Quaver’

Guns’n’Glory Review

The tower defence genre has been exploited a million times already but developers Handy Games have managed to create a game which brings innovative new ideas to the genre and a twist on what you’d normally see from a Western styled game. If like myself you’re bored of always being the good guy and seeing [...]

Shark or Die Review

If you were unfortunate enough to go see Piranha 3D you may be wondering what else can I get out there that can soften the blow for the £10.00 I paid for my cinema ticket. Fortunately on the iPhone there is a game that is much better than the film and takes some of that [...]