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Ion Assault Review (PC)

Ion Assault was originally released last year on XBox Live Arcade and today headed on over to Steam for its PC debut. Its 360 release must have been a low key affair as I used to look for any new game on the marketplace to give it a try and missed this. With a year [...]

Undergarden Splash

The Undergarden Review

Sometimes you need a break from the frenetic atmosphere of no-scoping a Spartan between the eyes or grinding a chainsaw’s into the chest of the locust horde. Sometimes we just want to kick back and relax in front of our TV sets and enjoy pure escapism. The latest in the very small genre of relaxing [...]


Big Match Striker Review [PC]

Made by Super Massive Games, this new PC free-to-play quiz is nothing short of exceptional work, but will it have the staying power? Find out in our review.


The Ball Review (PC)

Released on Steam on November 5th by Teotl Studios, The Ball was anxiously waited upon by our editor here at WeDoGames. Waylaid by other work, he reluctantly allowed me to put this game through its paces. Whilst the game is downloading off Steam, I got nosing through the games information. For a game that wasn’t even on [...]


PES 2011 In Depth Review

Setting a new standard for selected game reviews, we have decided to above and beyond what any other website or publication has achieved in a video game review before. Over two weeks in the making, it has finally finished. Our intensive review of PES 2011, covering every game mode, every nook and cranny of the [...]