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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Review

When Electronic Arts acquired Criterion several years ago, one thing that always rattled my brain was why they never utilised them to re-invigorate the Need for Speed license and raise their games from mediocrity to the truly exceptional. For me, Burnout Paradise taking the free roam avenue wasn’t the best move forward but keeping a [...]

NHL 11 Review

EA Sports yearly release of its NHL franchise finally found its way into my grubby little mitts recently having been waiting for it since playing the demo on the Playstation Network. This was a franchise that I had been playing since 1997 when I picked up NHL 98 on the old Playstation 1 and followed [...]


Gran Turismo 5 Review

Finally the wait is over. On this day, the 24th of November in the year of our lord 2010, we have been treated to one of the most hyped and delayed games possibly in video game history. Of course I am speaking about Gran Turismo 5. After close to five years of development let’s take [...]


Castle Crashers Review [PSN]

Two years it has taken but finally it is here, The Behemoth’s mammoth side scrolling hack and slash Castle Crashers has finally made its way onto the PSN. It’s side scrolling kick the be Jesus out of anything game still retains the same quality and gloss that gave it legendary status on the XBLA platform. [...]

Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

Finally the time has come for the now expected annual Call of Duty release. Black Ops kicks off this week and I am fucking pumped. This is my very first Call of Duty review and I am ready to let you guys know the goods, the bads and everything in between. We are going to [...]