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Sonic Colours Review

Oh no, it’s another Sonic game. 2010 hasn’t been the worst year for Sonic, DIMPS effort on Sonic 4: Episode One wasn’t too bad, though I never understood why Sonics very own sense of speed felt diminished and the feeling of inertia downplayed, but even still it wasn’t a bad effort if not a little [...]

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review

The Nintendo Wii is dominated by games that your typical soccer-mom or young child would play, with accessible motion controllers, colourful graphics, simple gameplay and cute characters being present in the majority of games on the console. However, this changed back in 2008 when Suda 51 released the controversial No More Heroes, an action game [...]

Big Brain Academy Wii Review

The opportunity of becoming smarter is something that would appeal to a lot of people as this could improve your everyday life, leading to a better job and a more rewarding life as a whole and therefore Nintendo have been clever to capitalise on this market with their game Big Brain Academy. Nintendo suggests that [...]

Safar'Wii Review

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to travel out to South Africa and embark on an epic safari, getting up close to animals and experiencing amazing creatures such as Lions in their natural habitat. Due to a lack of funds and being too busy with exams, I’ve unfortunately not had [...]

Red Steel 2 Review

Sword wielding fun, leads to frustration When the Nintendo Wii released Ubisoft launched it’s rather Eastern and interesting first person combat game Red Steel, unfortunately the game was rather flawed and whilst it had promise, the games swordplay mechanic was fundementally simple whilst the shooting was a little off the mark. Red Steel also suffered [...]