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XBLIG Score Rush Review

Xona Games has pulled off another extremely addictive Indie Game for Xbox Live users to enjoy. This time with their newest title Score Rush this game is going to keep you up all night trying to beat your previous high score. What makes this Indie Game so great? Well it’s a four player shoot’em up [...]


DecimationX3 Review [Xbox Indie]

One of the little gems that I found on Xbox Indie Games earlier this year was Xona’s Decimation X. It was the equivalent of space invaders on crack, a frenetic paced gallery shooter that lacked in visuals but more than made up for it with the gameplay. As part of the Winter Uprising event, Xona [...]


Radiangames “Fireball” Review

This past week Radiangames released their latest game into the Xbox Live Indie Games Market. For just 80 msp you can now pick up Fireball, the fifth game released by the company over the past year. Luke Schneider is a one man wrecking crew of game development. His past four games have all received some [...]

Fluid Review (indie)

There are a lot of big games coming out this month and very few people have stopped to think about what could be coming from the indie games market. Today I was quite surprised by a little game called Fluid. Radian Games is responsible for this futuristic type of Pac Man game. Reading the game [...]

Abaddon: Retribution Review

Abaddon: Retribution is billed as a tower-defense game, but to me, at least, it plays like a twin stick shooter. I suppose if you wanted to get truly technical, Abaddon is actually both at the same time, which is a very good thing, especially when it is two genres so easy to pick-up-and-play with a [...]