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Kirby’s Epic Yarn Preview

Epic yarn, magic yarn? I do not know why but I have been calling it Kirby’s Magic Yarn. Why? Well because its absolute magic. Forget every innovation you’ve seen in a Mario platformer before. Kirby’s ‘Epic’ Yarn outdoes any innovation ten fold. So much so that it was only reported the other day that Nintendo [...]


Explodemon! Preview

To say to the lead designer that I hadn’t heard of Explodemon! before it was announced at MCM Expo was probably not the wisest choice of words, but its an industry that never sleeps and even though I do consider myself to have an encyclopedic knowledge of most things in the games industry, sometimes things [...]


Ivy The Kiwi? Preview

If Yuji Naka doesn’t spring to mind then perhaps your video game knowledge isn’t as geekified as myself but for me that means big things in the world of video games. Yuji Naka is behind this new iP and that man is nothing short of a legend, being co-creator of Sonic. His latest venture is [...]

Undergarden Splash

The Undergarden Preview

The Undergarden is coming soon for PC, 360 and PSN and the kind folks at Vitamin G Studios have allowed us to get a preview of this upcoming title due for release in November. From the outset the game has some beautiful dynamic lighting and a graphical style that beholds the player in the unique [...]


Goldeneye Wii Multiplayer Preview

The game that made first person shooters viable on a home games console is a matter of days away from gracing the Nintendo Wii. Seen as one of the shocking announcements at E3, Goldeneye is a series which many have been relishing to see return to the console. Whether they wanted that return on the Wii [...]