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December DLC For PES 2011 (Free)

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has revealed details of a free data update for PES 2011, which will be available from December 21st. The download will be available for PlayStation®3, Xbox 360 and PC-DVD users, and adds a number of new items to the game. Twelve kits have been updated within the game, including those of [...]


Sony Surprises PS3 Owners Today

If you ever wanted a little Christmas cheer from Sony, not only are they offering the VAT back on any purchases this year, but they have also released a sufficient update on the PS3 here in the UK. The update isn’t some stupid security fix, or a feature nobody cares about. It’s actually an update [...]


Bad Company 2 Vietnam Expansion & VIP Map Pack 7 Dated + Details

Finally the news I personally have been waiting for since it was announced back at this years E3. We finally have a firm release date on the Vietnam Expansion pack for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Drum roll please…December 21st. Dice wasn’t kidding around when they said Winter 2010. The long awaited expansion will drop just [...]


Ion Assault Review (PC)

Ion Assault was originally released last year on XBox Live Arcade and today headed on over to Steam for its PC debut. Its 360 release must have been a low key affair as I used to look for any new game on the marketplace to give it a try and missed this. With a year [...]


The Ball Review (PC)

Released on Steam on November 5th by Teotl Studios, The Ball was anxiously waited upon by our editor here at WeDoGames. Waylaid by other work, he reluctantly allowed me to put this game through its paces. Whilst the game is downloading off Steam, I got nosing through the games information. For a game that wasn’t even on [...]