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Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

Finally the time has come for the now expected annual Call of Duty release. Black Ops kicks off this week and I am fucking pumped. This is my very first Call of Duty review and I am ready to let you guys know the goods, the bads and everything in between. We are going to [...]

Golden Joystick Awards 2010 - Our Votes

The Golden Joystick Awards are quite confusing. This is the reason why: Games that were in last years categories still remain in this years and the voting between games seems to start from mid-calendar 2009 to mid-calendar 2010. It’s an odd mix, so if anyone was wondering yes, old games like Uncharted 2 are in [...]

Breaking News! Nazi Zombies in Black Ops!

That is right, you heard it here first. The widely popular and insanely addictive co-op mode, where you and up to three friends are forced to defend yourselves against infinite waves of zombies will return in this November’s Call of Duty: Black Ops. How do I know this? Allow me to explain… I was just [...]

Top 10 Issues with Modern Warfare 2

Before I begin abusing Modern Warfare 2 more than an Asian hooker gets abused on a daily basis, I must let you know that I’m a huge fan of Modern Warfare 2 and the Call of Duty series as a whole. To hell with it, I’d even say that Modern Warfare 2 is one of [...]

Leaked GAME Schedule Brings Juicy Details!

A released gaming schedule was given to VG247 and which holds some very interesting details. Below you can see the key dates released: Band Hero 2 – October Brink – September Call of Duty 7 – October Crysis 2 – September 24 Fallout: New Vegas – October Guitar Hero 6 – September Lego: Harry Potter: [...]