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Mother Kills Baby Over Farmville Interruption

Games don’t get great publicity at the best of times. No one likes to report on Special Effect a UK based games company that are enriching the lives of disabled with their innovative video game controllers, instead the mainstream media likes to focus on the negative. Unfortunately it appears that the video game [...]

Facebook: Addictive or Not?

Check out our Facebook Group Here at We Do Tech, we have kind of become what you would call; “Facebook Junkies”. The question is…. Are you addicted to? If so do you think the addiction is unhealthy? Please use the comments box below to comment on this subject. This article is all about “you”.

Platinum Life: Web Edition - Free Ludacris T-shirt!

Developed by Heatwave Interactive, Platinum Life: Web Edition is the first social music hip hop game to hit Facebook and the web with real stars featured within. Become a player in the hip-hop universe as you make the transition from unsigned musician to superstar celebrity, encountering some of the music industry’s brightest stars along the [...]

Xbox Live's November Update