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Undergarden Splash

The Undergarden Review

Sometimes you need a break from the frenetic atmosphere of no-scoping a Spartan between the eyes or grinding a chainsaw’s into the chest of the locust horde. Sometimes we just want to kick back and relax in front of our TV sets and enjoy pure escapism. The latest in the very small genre of relaxing [...]


Big Match Striker Review [PC]

Made by Super Massive Games, this new PC free-to-play quiz is nothing short of exceptional work, but will it have the staying power? Find out in our review.


The Ball Review (PC)

Released on Steam on November 5th by Teotl Studios, The Ball was anxiously waited upon by our editor here at WeDoGames. Waylaid by other work, he reluctantly allowed me to put this game through its paces. Whilst the game is downloading off Steam, I got nosing through the games information. For a game that wasn’t even on [...]

Dead Rising 2 Review

I love Zombies.. There I admit it.. I have seen more zombie movie’s than I can shake a stick at as well a fan of Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead series. When Dead Rising was released back in 2006, I immediately picked it up and was a little disappointed. The text was hard to read on [...]

Ship Simulator Extremes Review (PC)

Simulator games are becoming a dime a dozen these days with one being made for practically everything you could think of. You can drive a bus or a lorry, be a train operator, fly light aircraft or space shuttles, or knock down buildings. Or in the case of VSTEP’s Ship Simulator Extremes, you get to [...]