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Sonic Colours Review

Oh no, it’s another Sonic game. 2010 hasn’t been the worst year for Sonic, DIMPS effort on Sonic 4: Episode One wasn’t too bad, though I never understood why Sonics very own sense of speed felt diminished and the feeling of inertia downplayed, but even still it wasn’t a bad effort if not a little [...]


Ivy The Kiwi? Preview

If Yuji Naka doesn’t spring to mind then perhaps your video game knowledge isn’t as geekified as myself but for me that means big things in the world of video games. Yuji Naka is behind this new iP and that man is nothing short of a legend, being co-creator of Sonic. His latest venture is [...]

Blade Kitten Review

It’s like dry cat food, whilst adequate and fine in its own right, it’s not exactly a treat. You’ll never hear the cat purr with delight, nor do I when it comes to playing Blade Kitten. You play a bounty hunter called Kit Ballard who is half human, half cat and you will roam around [...]

Ancients of Ooga Review

Developers NinjaBee are most famous for their Xbox Live Arcade Hit Cloning Clyde which released way back in 2006, a time when the XBLA was still a new experience to many and downloading games wasn’t as common. The side-scrolling platformer made a big impression and ended up being one of the highest rated XBLA games [...]