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Sony Surprises PS3 Owners Today

If you ever wanted a little Christmas cheer from Sony, not only are they offering the VAT back on any purchases this year, but they have also released a sufficient update on the PS3 here in the UK. The update isn’t some stupid security fix, or a feature nobody cares about. It’s actually an update [...]


Gran Turismo 5 Review

Finally the wait is over. On this day, the 24th of November in the year of our lord 2010, we have been treated to one of the most hyped and delayed games possibly in video game history. Of course I am speaking about Gran Turismo 5. After close to five years of development let’s take [...]

Sonic 4: Episode 1 Review

My immediate actions were ‘Sega what the hell have you done!’ in fact I felt so emotional about it I made a YouTube video on my personal channel venting my rage at what Sega have done. ‘They’ve managed to completely balls it up’ I said. There are a few problems with Sonic 4 but once [...]

Vanquish Review

Fast paced, adrenaline rush, action packed. Pick anyone of these cliché terms and you would be accurately describing Vanquish, an epic third person sci-fi action shooter from the critically acclaimed game director Shinji Mikami. Mikami is most known perhaps for his work on the original Resident Evil Games. The legendary Mikami worked with Platinum Games, [...]

My Aquarium Review (PS3)

The WiiWare hit ‘My Aquarium’ developed by Hudson Soft has been released now for the PSN and this virtual aquarium certainly brings something new to the catalogue of downloadable content that we’re used to. This game/app allows players to design and populate a virtual fish tank at will, feed the fish, watch them swim and [...]