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Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

Finally the time has come for the now expected annual Call of Duty release. Black Ops kicks off this week and I am fucking pumped. This is my very first Call of Duty review and I am ready to let you guys know the goods, the bads and everything in between. We are going to [...]


Big Match Striker Review [PC]

Made by Super Massive Games, this new PC free-to-play quiz is nothing short of exceptional work, but will it have the staying power? Find out in our review.

Blacklight Tango Down Review [PSN]

Very much to my surprise, Blacklight: Tango Down has been released on the PS3 recently. Released over the summer on the Xbox Live Arcade, Tango Down experienced mediocre success and proved yet again by following in Battlefield 1943 footsteps, that you can in fact offer a decent multiplayer FPS at an affordable price. Crossing over [...]


The Ball Review (PC)

Released on Steam on November 5th by Teotl Studios, The Ball was anxiously waited upon by our editor here at WeDoGames. Waylaid by other work, he reluctantly allowed me to put this game through its paces. Whilst the game is downloading off Steam, I got nosing through the games information. For a game that wasn’t even on [...]

WWE: Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 Review

Disillusioned with the wrestling scene over the last ten years is a bit of an understatement. Since the convergence of ECW, WWE and WCW I felt as though wrestling had lost some of its soul. I remember the times when ECW was considered the most hardcore federation of all time. I remember when WCW would [...]