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Mother Kills Baby Over Farmville Interruption

Games don’t get great publicity at the best of times. No one likes to report on Special Effect a UK based games company that are enriching the lives of disabled with their innovative video game controllers, instead the mainstream media likes to focus on the negative. Unfortunately it appears that the video game [...]

The Blitz 1up Programme

“Passionate About Games” It’s hard to be a small developer and realise big dreams for your game. As one of the world’s largest independent developers, Blitz Arcade has launched the Blitz 1UP programme to help smaller teams get their game to market. It’s a great initiative and gives hope to small developers who may be [...]

Avatar Impressions: MCM Expo 2009

Some video footage of Avatar being played. Along with the 3D version being demoed by the Ubisoft team. I’ve added our impressions to the video as added commentary.