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Undergarden Splash

The Undergarden Review

Sometimes you need a break from the frenetic atmosphere of no-scoping a Spartan between the eyes or grinding a chainsaw’s into the chest of the locust horde. Sometimes we just want to kick back and relax in front of our TV sets and enjoy pure escapism. The latest in the very small genre of relaxing [...]


Escapist Games Co-Founder Explains XBLIG Abandonment

In an attempt to find out whether the new dashboard update is causing concern for the independent game makers for Xbox Live Indie Games, I decided to contact some of the developers I have been speaking to over the last twelve months. One of the first people I contacted was San Shepherd co-founder of Escapist [...]

Sonic 4: Episode 1 Review

My immediate actions were ‘Sega what the hell have you done!’ in fact I felt so emotional about it I made a YouTube video on my personal channel venting my rage at what Sega have done. ‘They’ve managed to completely balls it up’ I said. There are a few problems with Sonic 4 but once [...]

Eurogamer: Crysis 2 Hands On

Since the announcement that Crytek would be working on the sequel for their highly regarded Crysis series I couldn’t help but punch the air. Even more so when I found that it was to be multi-platform. There was something about that futuristic shooter that looked so sublime, the destruction physics and then the benchmark of [...]

Eurogamer: GOW 3 Beast Mode Hands On

I’ve already written this once; those of you out on Twitter will know that for some incomprehensible reason I left my laptop on the Greyhound bus back from London. Had all of the previews written and ready to throw online, get home and the disaster struck. So I will try my best to retain the [...]