Although many mobile phone support teams have a solution to fixing technical problems for your phone, causing physical damage is something that will be much more costly and less irreversible. We have provided a guide on keeping the cost of your phone down in regards to keeping it safe. See: Repairs service.

So, here at We Do Repairs, we suggest investing in a case for your iPhone 7. You don’t have to have a boring case as you can mix things up by personalising your own.

Protect your phone for 15% less

We recommend purchasing these from Wrappz as they offer more than one type of case with all of them having protective qualities. Upload personal photos, include text and choose a background colour.

Make it unique to you and get your personality across whilst protecting your phone.

Cases for the ultimate protection

They supply hard cases for the iPhone 7 and the plus. Not only do they look good, but they provide the ultimate protection from any defects occurring.

In addition, Wrappz also have tough cases that are designed to be durable that will provide protective armour for your phone. Buy your tough case.

Want a case on the softer side? Then you are in luck as Wrappz have a range of premium leather covers. They are made with the finest quality faux leather materials giving you style.

It even comes with a storage location for all your important cards, as well as money. Contact us.