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FragFX V2 - The Pro Gamers Secret Weapon

Posted by Editor On August - 31 - 2009

At WEDOTECH we pride ourselves on delivering you products we feel warrant your time and your cash. Out of the very many peripherals we review, none has been so impressive as the FragFX V2. Scoring a very good 8/10 in our review it’s a powerful weapon in the world of FPS and it’s exclusive to the PS3. Whether you are missing that extra accuracy, need the steady hand for the no scope kill or want to sharpen your reflexes for the pro scene. The FragFX V2 by Splitfish Gameware is a perfect choice for gaining the advantage.

The FragFX V2 is authorised in pro-gaming and is recognised as a legitimate controller for competition. The mouse and nunchuk combine means for a comfortable gaming experience whilst providing accuracy and customisation unseen in console gaming since the original FragFX for the PS2. The FragFX V2 is available to buy direct from us at WEDOTECH for £55.00 which covers the cost of postage and packaging. To order yours, click on the paypal order button below and we’ll dispatch your order within 24hrs hours of payment received.

  • We match the UK retail price for the FragFX V2, so you will not find it cheaper new elsewhere.
  • By ordering the FragFX V2 you help WDT’s site running costs and project endeavours.
  • WEDO Network set up an exclusive distributor for the authorisation of selling Splitfish Gameware, all our products are 100% legitimate with manufacturers guarantee
  • For FAQ ref the FragFX click here

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