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Team Fortress 2

I do enjoy a good online team deathmatch no matter what game its on. As long as the games controls are solid and the balance correct between characters and levels then it’s a feature I always come back to. Whether it’s AI (if its good AI that is) or friends sat next to you or down an internet connection I don’t care I just enjoy the fragging.

With my Orange Box Set I got Team Fortress 2, a game I have never heard of before and wasn’t even aware there was a Team Fortress 1. I’m one of these people who like to do things in order so I can find out the story line etc but I though what the hell and jumped in.

So it’s an online CO-OP game on the PC, Xbox and PS3 with deathmatching and a few other modes including capture the flag, you know, all the standard stuff really. I found it instantly enjoyable after jumping into a deathmatch and found everything easy to learn. I did quite well in my first match with my chosen character the Pyro, burning the blue team to ashes is very satisfying.

Valve has taken some wonderful clichés and made a note of showing the player that we all know they are clichés. Hell, the characters are named after there classes and make no illusions of dressing this up with an unneeded back story. Characters range from the Heavy who carries a terrifying minigun, the Pyro who carries a flamer and the Spy who carries a knife and an electro-sapper (for ruining the engineers day) and everyone in between. Whether you want to burn you enemy, run rings around him or take of the top of his head with a sniper rifle there really is a choice for everyone.

I tried all the characters but I always come back to the Pyro. I think those who play this game for a while settle on a character that reflects them and there play style, choice of weapons and general mode of death. I love the muffled, unintelligible cheers of victory or the taunting noise from behind the Pyro’s gasmask, they crack me up. I do like the Heavy to if only to cause massive devastation of a short time with the minigun.

Controls are simple and easy to remember. All characters get their primary weapon or ability and a secondary weapon such as a shotgun or a melee weapon. Ammo is relatively easy to get hold off and if not, you will die soon and get more anyway. Your team can get some great abilities if you work together such as setting up teleport pads in enemy bases if you are clever and work as a team.

The style of the game is presented in a cartoonish way but fits the persona of the game. Graphics are smooth and lag free with almost no trace of jaggies even on the mid-lower end gaming PC. Colours are bright and distinctive, no dulled down palettes because it’s in no way going to be a game orientated towards the serious.

The structure of the levels is almost flawless and inventive. There are access a plenty and almost no way to barricade yourself way or think your clever by backing up against the wall to maximise your chance of not dying. If you camp for to long someone will get you and there are a hundred ways they can do it. This is what gives this game its well deserved place as one of the best online games, variety and balance.

The game suffers no lag (depending on your internet connection) and I haven’t suffered any connection issues with it either. No issues with any lobbies or gaining access to any games.

It’s Red versus Blue and it’s full on war. I found myself going back again and again for deathmatches and capture the flag games. I still drop in when I have an afternoon to fill, knowing that 5 minutes will always turn into several hours. I really do rate this if you enjoy an uncomplicated online experience and have a great sense of humour. It’s a game that enjoys a more mature gamer and will very rarely suffers from the dregs of the online gaming world who constantly question your sexual orientation. It’s a streamlined, stripped down game that suffers no problems because of that. Pure fun. Reviewed on the PC, Xbox and PS3. Pyro to team; Mmmuurrhh murrahha hgahh


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