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AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! — A Reckless Disregard for Gravity

So, I got me a full copy of AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! — A Reckless Disregard for Gravity or AAAAAA! for short. I did a preview of this game and was impressed. It’s not Fallout 3 or a Half Life 2 but it caught my attention because it’s the first diving off a giant alien skyscraper game that I know of.

OK, let me elaborate. You dive off of these giant structures, falling to the ground at terminal velocity performing stunts on the way down and trying to land on a small landing pad at the bottom. Simple. There really isn’t much else to it…..ok, so on with the show….

The game presents itself as having a sense of humour. Bright, colourful and fun and
Dejobaan Games don’t want to be taking this too seriously and if you look at their website and the other games they have made you know what I mean.

This game won’t be for everyone. It’s unique for a game and i can say that i have never played anything like this before. Let’s face it, if someone did make a free falling game it would be dull watching the ground slowly rising up to crush your fragile form and leave your kids orphans (mum ran off with the plumber). I imagine this game started life as an idea for a free falling game but after one eventful idea briefing it became more abstract and fun.

Game play is a good laugh though. It’s not just free falling and landing on the narrow target pad. The closer you get to the buildings rushing past you, the more points you get. The more building you get close to you get more points these are kisses, keeping close to them gets you hugs and more points. The game play can feel repetitive and having the additional elements of fun including flipping off people on walkways on the way down or giving them the thumbs up and spray painting the sides of buildings. It keeps the game play fresh but some time lacking.

The game build its self is strong, fast reloads and no lag. Graphically it’s not pulling down Crysis (but who is?) but it is simplistic for the year it’s released in. No great graphical achievements or textures but this game really doesn’t need them. You’re not going to pause in this game and go “wow, look at how realistic that bush is over there” no, you are going to be more worried about the building flying around you so simple, colourful graphic make it work.

So i found the controls a bit twitchy, over shooting targets and such. The wind resistance plays a large role making at hard for you to pull your body away from targets and remain on course. It’s all about light button touches and easing the player around the obstacles flying towards your face. Having the parachute mapped to the space bar makes it easier then when it was on Ctrl. Mouse moves your field of vision and WASD or the arrow keys direct you in mid air, it’s almost a typical FPS style.

There aren’t any trophies or awards to speak off. I found it hard to find any replay value in the game par going back to get 5 stars on each level. There is no multiplayer and I can’t help but think that the game could have been improved by multiplayer or a high scoring system linked online. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed playing the game but I’m not sure why. I don’t think i will find myself going back to it often. When I do it’s because I have 10 minutes to burn and then i will find that i have been on for an hour because I just got to earn enough teeth to get to that level i want or to get 5 stars on another.

In the preview it was a slog to get enough teeth (currency in the game)to buy new levels to play and had you going back to previous levels to try and make more which became repetitive. Thankfully this has been removed and there are more teeth as rewards and keeps the game going keeping you at the keyboard.

I’m not sure what this game is meant to be and who it’s aimed at. I would have expected this game to be available on Xbox Live in the indie section and not as a downloadable game for the PC. It does become a mission when you become obsessed with trying to get a higher score and just keep replaying the level over and over again to get that fifth star.

For the price this game is cheap, really cheap. It’s for your casual gamer but the shame is that your casual gamer isn’t going to know about this game. Download from the Dejobaan Games website and take a look at the other stuff they have to offer too. Fun game with a nice premise and original to boot. Shame it misses that certain something to make it essential. Reviewed on the PC. AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! Says it all.


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