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Time Gentlemen, Please! Review (PC)

TGP screen 1 300x224 Time Gentlemen, Please! Review (PC)When I first started up the freeware game ‘Ben There, Dan That!’ (BTDT), I questioned whether it would be any good, due to having played some truly amazing point and click adventures such as Indiana Jones And The Fate of Atlantis and Monkey Island as a child, however, I instantly fell in love with the art style, characters and humour in the game, and after completing it, wanted much more.

Thankfully Zombie Cow delivered with the sequel ‘Time Gentlemen, Please!’(TGP) which continues BTDT’s style, humour and interesting puzzles. If Adolf Hitler in a giant robot suit with an army of dinosaur clones seems odd to you, then you’re pretty much set for playing the game, Time Gentlemen, Please! Is not a freeware game like its predecessor, it costs £2.99, which is a very reasonable price for the quality of the game you are getting, and hey, even developers need to get the rounds in sometime.

Perhaps the most important thing in a point and click adventure is the characters and the relationship with the player. The game focuses on two main characters, Ben and Dan, Ben being a wannabe adventurer raised on Magnum P.I and Point and Click adventures, Dan being a slight dimwit but coding master. You play as Ben and can use Dan to do things like plug in live unprotected wires after a short piece of dialogue from Ben after trying to interact with it saying “I’m not touching a live wire, only an idiot would do that.” Dan is not a completely redundant character, you will need to use him for various other things throughout the game, he also picks up objects that Ben sees as useless, for example a Broken Skateboard, which can then be used later in the game. Ben’s character makes some great jokes and adds to the general humour that the game has with some well written lines such as “What else can I say other than, ‘that won’t work.’” When trying to combine random objects, and at one point when I interacted with a filing cabinet he said “I can tell its empty” at which point Dan replies “how” to which Ben comes back with “Its a skill I picked up from a wasted childhood of Lucas Arts adventures” moments like this are what set this game apart from other more recent Point and Click adventures, and the fact that the game doesn’t take itself too seriously really brings the characters home a bit more. To explain the story of this game would take a long time, and if you haven’t played the first game I would advise you go get it now, in the start of TGP you return to the room of doors from the first game and go back to get the time stick (which allows you to travel back in time) so they can go back and stop coat hangers from being invented, if I was to say anymore than that I would spoil the ending for the first game, so I’m going to leave it there.

The controls for this game are pretty good, there is a bar at the top of the screen which appears when you hover your mouse up there which contains your inventory, the options button, the save and load buttons and the exit button, the top bar is fine, but to access player functions such as examine, walk to, use Dan or interact, you have to right click to change your current function, this may take some getting used to for people like me who are used to having a bar at the bottom of the screen with the functions on it, but otherwise the controls are fine.

TGP screen 2 300x224 Time Gentlemen, Please! Review (PC)Graphics
The graphics in this game look great, the sprites and hand drawn and are made to look sketchy and amateur, but the way the game is presented and the animations on the characters work very well with the style which is a little bit like a flash game. The colours are very nice and objects stand out from the background so you aren’t having to point your cursor around for 20 minutes looking for a switch or piece of pottery (That’s right Fate of Atlantis, I’m looking at you.) When talking to other characters the writing appears on screen in the top left rather than in a box at the bottom, and the chosen font and colour of the test makes it easy to see and the lettering is clear, making speech and things that the characters say understandable. The environments in the game are few but fantastic, from the start you will travel from Nazi Germany to the tower of London, and from there to a scientists house and Hitler’s Fortress.

The sound is good, with crisp, clean music that suits the environments to the various sounds of objects, machinery and other things going on. There is no speech in this game, but the simple text speaking is pulled off incredibly well and is good even if you are put off by a lack of voices.

hitlerscreen1 300x225 Time Gentlemen, Please! Review (PC)Gameplay
Throughout the game you will solve puzzles, riddles, collect objects, use objects, interact with characters, travel back and forth in time, and use the time stick to manipulate objects so they get older or younger. The gameplay is pretty standard for the Point and Click adventure genre, and will occasionally leave you scratching your head trying to think about which objects to combine with each other, either to make a machine work or to make a more useful object. This section isn’t too long, as gameplay is standard for most Point and Click adventures, however, this game pulls it off well and has some interesting and inventive puzzles.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game, the story and characters are great, the graphics and sound are excellent and suit the game well, and finally the game play is nothing new but pulled off well, my only problem would be the controls, but with that just being a personal thing I think it would be unfair to mark down a game for that. Time Gentlemen, Please! Is definitely not a game for everybody, but if you are looking for something new, have played the first game, or like the old fashioned point and click adventure, this game certainly won’t disappoint.

I’ve been Dean from Wedotech, and overall in going to give this game full marks


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