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Bear On A Wire Review
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blog bearonwire Bear On A Wire ReviewYou start the game as a bear performing on a high wire. Obviously not happy you break through the top of the tent escaping on a moped. Heading along the power lines of the suburb you escape capture from the horrid circus ring master but the question is do you still have your circus skills in you.

In each of the 15 levels you are faced with various cartoon action filled challenges and as an added feature your aim is to test your circus skills and gain points for various tricks that you can pull off whilst in mid-air. 15 varied tricks are available to be precise. The game plays really well, you hold your finger in the paw at the bottom right of the screen and tilt the screen accordingly to balance the bear. The tricks buttons are quite small but very responsive it’s just a shame you don’t have a little more control over the tricks but to be honest it’s not a big issue. Some may say that the game plays like Excitebike for the Nintendo64 but I say its legendary. The game is challenging and I have really grown fond of that little green bear!

The graphics look amazing and the sound track is really catchy, the developers have definitely gone to town with the visually stunning cartoon images. Made by Dreamsocket

Score: 85/100

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