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The Warriors: Street Brawl
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“Warriors… come out to play-eeeee!”

Let’s start at the beginning. The Warriors is a 1979 cult film, about a New York gang trying to get back home to Coney island. At the same time being hunted down by all the other gangs in New York, after being wrongly accused of murdering a rival gangs boss. The film has it’s moments, but for most today, it would probably seem a little to old skool. Despite it’s faults, I still love the film, Now to the Games.

Now first off, I should make this clear, this is not a review of the Rockstar game “The Warriors”, a fun game that not only relived the events of the film but also created a back story as well. This is a review of the newly released ‘The Warriors: Street Brawl’, an xbox 360 downloadable title.

At first glance this title may just appear to be a simple and repetitive side-scrolling beat ‘em up. well you’d be right, it is. But what’s wrong with that, eh? I used to love playing Streets of Rage and Turtles in Time. Okay, nostalgia aside. the beat ‘em up genre has some stalled in recent years, with most of the releases just remakes of previous games, Re-Shelled anyone. And although the inclusion of online multiplayer and something called ’3d graphics’, the gameplay still feels old.

You start at the very left of the map, fight your way to the right, and kill a boss. What could be more fun! Yep, after the first half an hour, the monotonous button bashing actually become quite fun. The controls are simple enough, left stick - movement, X - punch, Y - kick, B - grab and A - jumps. There’s also a dash, a special and a block, but what self respecting Warriors would ever block, actually scrap that, blocking is near essential, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

The audio in the game is great for the first 40-50 seconds as the game loads, playing sound bites from the original film. the rest of the game follows suit, by playing similar music that is found in the film. however As much as i like the background music of the film, that’s the film, and the game doesn’t seem to want to add anything new, just copy. Not a bad thing, but just a little disappointing.

the warriors ctxm03 300x180 The Warriors: Street Brawl

The levels are as varied as you can expect from a 1970′s version of New York, with a total of seven missions, with three levels in each, each with a plethora of rival gang members to beat up, There’s a vs. mode and a boss mode as well, but you’ll probably just stick to the story or arcade version of the game, which have three difficulties to try out. Playing the game on your own can be a little tricky, but you can always jump online and play with up to four people, friends or via matchmaking.

Despite my enjoyment of the game, there are flaws with it. The screen doesn’t scroll very well, and you’ll often be walking as far right as possible just to get the screen to scroll, and then to top it off you’ll be smacked right in the face by an enemy that was hiding in this seemingly elusive part of the game. So the only way to makes sure you don’t get hit, is to block, move a little, block again etc. etc. until the screen moves, very tedious.

Picking up weapons is far too hard, as you have to be perfectly centred on it in order to grab it. The enemies on the first couple of levels seem far too tough, even on the easier difficulty, which is annoying when your trying to figure out the game for the first time. when online it’s hard to see which character you are amongst the chaos, and several times i was looking at a completely different person whilst my character was getting his arse handed to him. Adding to this if a player drops out, you move up the pecking order and your colour ring around your character changes colour! Making it even more confusing. Also there’s not enough health around (especially for four players), but that’s probably a little petty, seeing as you get plenty of lives.

the warriors ctxm01 300x180 The Warriors: Street Brawl

“Caaaaaaaaaaaan you digg itttttttttttttt?” - Well kind of.

This game is a hard one to review, mainly because it’s not the best game available for 800ms points on the XBLA, not by a long shot, but i still enjoyed it and will probably go and play it a little more after writing this. It combines a film i enjoy with a game style I used to play a lot as a kid. But at the same time it’s repetitive and a little dull. there’s no doubt that the online pulls the game from mediocrity, and at it’s core is a simple, fun little game that is best enjoyed with friends (or random online people!). However if your not a fan of The Warriors film or beat ‘em ups, probably give it a miss.


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The Warriors: Street Brawl, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
  • https://?u=TheFinalHighlander David Mcmurdo

    Great review. Weird I came and read this since I played Rockstar’s “The Warriors” (which I thought was okayish) and noticed that you wrote the review on my birthday. A sign that I should slay men to get hold of this game.

    Or not.

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