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Digger HD

Hummmm, I question all these old 1980’s early 90’s games being updated and re-released. I tend to think they are lazy developers making swift money on old game ideas and not having to come up with their own ideas. The consumer is just as bad because we lap it up, remembering how these games sucked away hours of our youth and playing on our nostalgic feelings.

There are exceptions and to this rule. If it’s just an exceptional remake (Bionic Commando: Rearmed) or If you never got to play the game in the first incarnation and want to know what the fuss is about. In this case it’s the latter for me and a lot of other people.

Digger HD is what I got to review today, an exclusive Playstation Network download re-imagined by Creat Studios who have taken over from Windmill Games, who originally made the game in the early 80’s.

Basically, you play as a little digger and you have to collect the gems scattered around the level by digging through the soil. Easy? Oh no, you get chased by various crazy looking monsters who stalk you through the tunnels you make in pursuit of gems. I found out very quickly that you have little defence against the hordes of monsters that want to put you out of action (presumably it’s because your digging through their natural environment and wreaking their homes).

It’s not as cut and dry as collect gems, avoid monsters, you also get sacks of money with nice high amounts of points in them. Push them over into a tunnel and they smash open and you can collect your dough. Dig under them and they fall through the thin floor and crush you if you’re still stupid to be underneath it. Be clever and you can use them as a weapon to crush the monsters chasing you. Get in a tight position and you can use a one shot weapon to gun one of them down.

Digger HD keeps it fresh by throwing new enemies at you who can speed up or can dig their own tunnels to get you. You get upgrades like firebombs and the ability to freeze those around you. It’s all very fast paced and sets a good tone with tense levels trying to keep your high score intact or your limited lives. Saying that, the developers have been nice enough to be forgiving with the game and not get you to restart every time your lives give out.

Main game is the Arcade mode and has dozens of levels to do. Games are fun and fast and never last over 2 minutes and that’s perfect as small PSN games go. There is also a CO-OP Arcade mode which myself and my girlfriend ended up arguing about “Get off, that’s my gem!”, “You killed me with a falling money sack!” etc, etc. There is also a Survival mode and a CO-OP Survival mode to conquer but I suggest a partner who won’t throw the control at your head.

As a bonus and something that I really loved about this download is the inclusion of the original game Digger. Bravo to Creat Studios for getting this into the game because it makes it so much worthwhile being able to play the original and see what the remade has to lived up to. I almost think it should be mandatory for all game remakes to include the original game. Its apart of game history and our past and I don’t think we should all forget so easily (Unless it’s Psychic Force for the PS1)

They call it Digger “HD” and what made me smile is the almost over the top way they present it. Games great, colourful and fun but the menus are slick and fast they whoosh on the screen like you would find for a high class multimillion dollar game. Even small details have been treated with the “HD” brush and the animations look nice and polished against the high quality backgrounds.

Music is fun and chirpy and is a supped-up version of the monotone sound track from the original game with some new favour thrown in. It’s on the boundary of being annoying but doesn’t leap into the precipice of insanity and I found myself whistling one of the tunes on the way to work. The in-game sounds are great and I found them funny and full of classic retro noises. Top notch.

With loads of game modes and levels to be had it’s not badly priced. This is how a game should be remade with love and really consideration for it audience. No flash and bang is needed and it doesn’t always have to be all about the ground breaking graphics or some new feature that’s the flavour of the month. With this, its solid game play and I have the up most respect for a developer who treats a remake of a classic so well. One of the best remakes and downloads for a PSN that’s finally getting some nice crazy games. Review on the PS3. Dear Creat Studio, as I see it you owe me a new Dualshock after I had it thrown against my head while playing survival CO-OP with the girlfriend…


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Rating: 7.5/10 (2 votes cast)
Digger HD , 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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